Eat an Egg today – easy way to be slim, smart and healthy!

February 29, 2008

Cook yourself an egg today.

Get Mum to cook an egg for you today.

Buy an egg from the food stall today.  

Here are some good egg-news!


#1 news: Egg helps in WEIGHT LOSS!

In a randomized trial of 160 overweight people who were placed on breakfast of either eggs or bagels with the same amount of restricted calorie diet, the egg eaters lost almost twice as much weight – 2.5 kilograms in comparison with the average 1.5 kilograms lost by participants who had bagels for breakfast.

New menu for my breakfast:Monday: hard-boiled eggs ~ Tuesday: scrambled eggs ~ Wednesday: half-boild eggs ~ Thursday: omelette ~ Friday: sunny-side up ~ Saturday: fried egg ~ Sunday: Any style

#2 news: Egg boost your brain function and health

Eggs contain choline, a key component of many fat-containing structures in cell membranes, whose flexibility and integrity depend on adequate supplies of choline. Two fat-like molecules in the brain, phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin, account for an unusually high percentage of the brain’s total mass, so choline is particularly important for brain function and health. Two large eggs will suffice for slightly less than half our daily intake. Either that or you will have to settle with beef liver, dried soy beans and wheat germ for similar benefit.

Sorry, but I will go for eggs. Beef liver sounds too exotic for me. Wheat germ is too raw for me too. I do not mind dried soy beans, but I think I love eggs more.

 #3 news: Egg love your eyes

Eggs can protect against eye problems like Age-related Macular Degeneration (an eye disease that involves the degenerative process of the macula or central retina) and cataracts since it contains Lutein (a kind of carotenoid), in even higher doeses than some green vegetables like spinach. Lutein is well known for strengthening eyesight, guarding against cataracts and in preventing Age-related Macular Degeneration. To maximise your lutein absorption, combine both eggs and spinach in your cooking for a complete iron meal.

This is double happiness to me because I love egg and spinach. I did not know that when both are combined, they bring such great benefits and goodness.

#4 news: Egg prevents blood clots

Eggs can lower the risk of a heart attack or stroke by helping to prevent blood clots. This is according to a study in Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, which proved that the proteins in egg yolk are high inhibitors of human platelet aggregation. Platelets exist to help blood clot when we fall or cut ourselves, so that we don’t suffer from excessive bleeding; but they can form dangerous blood clots when clumped along a scaffold called Fibrin. The anti-clotting egg yolk proteins inhibits this clot formation.

This sounds serious. It makes more sense for our elderly in the family to take more eggs now.

Go ahead and eat more eggs… 

Studies have shown that consuming eggs do not significantly affect cholesterol levels in most individuals.  Eating eggs may even improve in blood lipids.


The information are sourced from an unbelievable free health and beauty magazine, ezyhealth&beauty. It is a great publication containing much more useful information that I could share about.

If you are in Singapore, go to Guardian pharmacy stores, you would be able to grab one for free. If you did not make any purchase, smile brightly at the cashier, I am sure you will still be able to get one copy.


Under the weather, the stormy one.

February 28, 2008

I have been slow in writing lately because I have been ill, got a little better, then fell ill again. 

This is the most hated cycle.

Plus, I usually need to visit the doctor twice or thrice before I could really get well.

I wonder, is there a problem with my communication skills in relating my illness? Or, is it the doctor’s capability in diagnosing the illness?

More often than not, before entering the doctor’s room, I will rehearse in my mind about how my illness came about, how I am feeling now, how lousy I am feeling. I hope to give the doctor the best understanding of my illness, because I want the doctor to be able to prescribe the right medication to kill the bug (maybe bugs) in me!

However, I always ponder over the effectiveness of my communication skills if I do not get well on the first consultation.

Maybe I did not rehearse enough.

Well, maybe the bugs are advancing much faster than the development of drugs?

The only thing I could do now is to drink lots of water, and talk less (if it is ever possible).

Reduce your salt intake

February 26, 2008

I have never liked my food being too salty, so this is not a huge problem for me. However, I have friends who swear by their salt and heck the health concerns. I love my friends, I want to tell them that there are many simple ways to cut down their salt intake. 

I was inspired by the publication by Singapore Heart Foundation called heartline. Here are some tips on how to reduce salt intake:

Tip #1: No salt shakes on the dinner table – remover that salt shaker or soy sauce bottle from the dining table. Not having it there means no easy access to it. When eating out, avoid taking the addition little dish of soy sauce for your fishball noodles. 

Tip #2: Reduce intake of highly salted items prepackaged/convenience foods, snack items like potato chips and nuts, preserved foods and salted/smoked meats like sausages, luncheon meants, bacon and smoked salmon are all very high in sodium content.

Oh my, I did not know that potato chips are high in salt content – I have to start cutting down now.



Tip #3: Less than more – it’s always better to have slight blander food than overly salted good. *Note: add in salt at the end of your cooking because some food (especially meat stew) may add natural juices and taste to the dish.

Tip #4: Go for the fresh option – Fresh foods usually have very low sodium content and juices from meats itself can also make dishes tasty (like I mentioned above). Choose vegetables and fresh meat over cured meat (e.g. ham & bacon) or salted/smoked meat or pickled vegetables.

Tip #5: Spices versus salt – instead of using regular table salt, you could use basil, bay leaves, curry, garlic, ginger, lemon, vinegar, mint, pepper, and rosemary to add natural flavours to your meal.



Tip #6: Shop smart – next time when you shop at the supermarket, choose those that says “no added salt” or “low sodium” on the packaging.

Tip #7: Less is best – cut down on condiments intake like tomato and chilli sauces.

Well, for me, there are many more like mayonnaise, tartar sauce, BBQ sauce etc. I am guilty of this again. Whenever I have my McDonald’s meal, I can have up to five condiments lay out nicely in front of me. Gosh, I really got to work on this!

Tip #8: Cut down slowly if you are someone who is used to eating very tasty and salty food, make a change by slowly cut down, and your taste bud will slowly be accustomed to eating less salty food.

Tip #9: Anti-gravy/sauce when ordering food at food centres, always ask for less or no gravy (e.g. curry and stew meat sauces) on your rice.

Tip #10: Low-sodium salt – try using low-sodium alternatives like low or no-sodium salt. These salt use potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride.

Well, I think I have fairly much contradicted myself – I thought I am safe and healthy because I have never liked my food being too salty. However, as the list goes on, I realized I have been taking in a lot more salt in other aspects like potato chips, condiments etc. Time to CUT DOWN!



Lose weight without dieting

February 23, 2008

I am whiny. I whine about everything. The top whine hit would be “I want to lose weight”.

I usually go on diet (for a few days) and jog more often only if any of the following scenarios happens:

Scenario 1: When I have problem zipping up my jeans

Scenario 2: When my tummy shows under my favourite fitting top

Scenario 3: When my friends comment that I have put on weight

Secnario 4: When I look at my old photos and see how slim I used to be

If you got the drift, I only diet for a few days – it is random and unsystematic. And of course, I don’t see any results. However, Melissa Clark totally save me out of this misery. She tells us how we could eat what we like and still shed some weight.  I would highly recommend her podcast on The Skinny on The Skinny, hosted by Ann Landi on WiredBerries.  I have pulled out some wonderful tips from the podcast.

The Skinny on the SkinnyThe Skinny on the skinny


Tip #1: Eat what you like – go ahead and eat it. If you want that cookie, go for it. Instead of having a rice cake, then yet another rice cake. Yes, I don’t think I will feel satisfied with rice cake too!

Tip #2: Eat it in moderation. If you wish to have a piece of chocolate cake, take a small proportion, cut a slice from the cake.

Okay, I promise I will be good and just stop at one slice.

Tip #3: Eat more fruit and vegetable. When you have your piece of chocolate cake, have some salad on the side!

I think this is easy, I could see this as a balancing rule.

Tip #4: Be in the moment when you are eating. Do you really want to eat the food in front of you? Be in touch with your hunger verses your appetite. Eat only when you are hungry.

This is an issue for me – I am constantly hungry, I think there is a greedy food monster in me.

Tip #5: Hunger or thristy? You may think you are hunger, but you are just thristy. Have a big glass of water/tea with milk and honey will be satisfying enough. It satisfy your hunger, thrist, and it also brings comfort.

Tip #6: Take a moment to look at your food. Savour the food and eat slowly… Besides being able to enjoy the food more, you will eat less because you are eating slower. Melissa said our bodies takes about 20 minutes to realize we are eating something. When you are eating something slowly, you will realized you are full before you finish your food! Do not finish all your food if you are already full.

Well, another issue for me – I hate to waste food so I will usually finish up my food even when I am already full.

Tip #7: Eat from a small plate. People who eat food from a smaller plate will be satisfied too, and tend to eat less, because we are customed to finish all that is served on our plate! Do not use a huge plate and place little cake on it, because (visually) it creates a lot of absence, and you will not feel satisfied after the meal.

I think this one makes a lot of sense and I will start eating on small plates! (I meant plate, what is the point of replacing a huge plate with three small plates!)

Tip #8: Eat like you shop. When people are shopping, you will think about your purchase first, you take your time, and appreciate the purchase, you don’t just grab the boots and pay it without considering it. So, eat like you shop, the next time you see a cupcake, resist from popping it right into your mouth.

Not difficult right?

Alright, I am determined to try the tips out. I will review this post in a month’s time. I am aiming to lose at least 3kg!

Danger of wearing pantyliner everyday

February 23, 2008

Shocking, shocking, shocking – wearing pantyliner everyday would lead to vagina bacteria infection! This is such a critical issue to me that I wished I could amplify my voice to the whole world and warn all the female counterparts. Not to scare everyone off, there are also mild cases like genital acne problem or yeast infection. But, that is disturbing enough.

I asked the doctor why would wearing pantyliner on a daily basis brings about these issues. Her explanations were simple to understand and I wish to pen them down so that I can remember them and let this be a warning to all of us.

Issues #1

Firstly, the adhesive strip at the bottom of the pantyliner is made of plastic. And, we all know that skin is unable to breath through plastic.

Now image this: You pass out normal genital discharge during the day, your discharge stays on the pantyliner, which would be sticked against your skin for as long as you are still wearing the pantyliner. We also know that bacteria grow much faster in wet and high-temperature area. Now, you see, the bacteria is growing on areas like your Labia Majora and Clitoris. This will highly likely cause gential acne and irritation.

Issue #2 

Well, I was thinking, how about those pantyliners that say “super absorbent” or “breathable backsheet”? The doctor said those added attributes definitely require added chemical content. Well, and God knows how those chemical is treating our skin.

Issue #3 

I sort of forgotten the real purpose of pantyliner until the doctor mention it again, and here is what I found on Wiktionary. A pad worn on the inner surface of women’s underwear … during a shoulder-day of the menstrual period, designed to absorb small, spotty quantities of menstrual fluid, in contrast to a tampon or sanitary napkin, worn on heavy-flow days.

Yes, if you got it right, pantyliners are meant for spotting days, and not to be worn on a daily affair.

One thing you can do for yourself

The type of panties that we wear would contribute to the problem too. It is strongly advisable to wear panties that is made of at least 95% cotton. Cotton is absorbent and creates less abrasion against the skin, thus, lower chance of developing genital irritation.

Girls, ladies, babes, we should take care of our own bodies, because we own them. 🙂

Ways to look slimmer!

February 21, 2008

Read the listed situations below, are you facing similar situations now? Answer “yes” or “no” in your mind.

1. I am fighting against time to lose that 5kg

2. I wish to get rid of the flabby tummy but nothing works (because food and chocolates are more important, to me at least)

3.  I am giving up on dieting

4. I wish to look slimmer without going through hunger or exercise

If you say “yes” to any of the above, read on. If not, still read on, you never know when you need it!  

Here comes another blogger, beautytipsandtricks with a fantastic post on Tips on Looking Slimmer, which I must share with all of you. Here are some of the tips shared.

Tip #1. Pulling your hair up and away from your shoulders will peel away pounds. Try sweeping your hair into a high ponytail and you’ll be surprised at how much slimmer your face looks.

Tip #2. Not only are vertical- and pin-stripes slimming, but asymmetrical stripes such as miter stripe blouses and tunics also work. They have a lengthening effect on your upper body.

Tip #3. Wear a shear loose blouse

Tip #4. If you worry about your waistline, try some jeans or pants that sit low on your hips, as they will slenderize your trouble spot. Slacks that have a waist that hit just below your navel will make your midriff seem longer and slimmer.

Visit Tips on Looking Slimmer for more tips.

 Please share if you have other “looking slimmer” tips. I need more of such tips! 🙂

Ways to Avoid Frizzy Hair

February 20, 2008

With Singapore’s warm humid weather, it is hard not to have frizzy hair. I read a post in Wired Berries by Valerie Gladstone on how to avoid frizzy hair. The methods provided were every simple and easy to understand. I have summarized a few very useful ones here. Read on!


Method #1: Look for frizz-control shampoos and conditioners. The conditioner should be a 2-to-5 minute daily use treatment that you leave in for a few minutes and then rinse out. Just before rinsing, run a wide-toothed comb through hair, getting out the worst of the knots.        

Method #2: Shampoo less. Use small amounts of conditioner instead and rinse hair well. You should notice a difference in a few days. Do watch out for shampoos that gives you suds beautifully because it uses harsh ingredients that will strip your hair of moisture and the added dryness causes frizzies.

Method #3: Treatment. Every once or twice a month use a good deep-conditioning or hot-oil treatment. You could also pick one night a week to leave in a conditioning treatment. Important note: Do sleep with a shower cap to avoid staining your bedsheet and pillowcase]. Rinse your hair well the next morning.

Method #4: Anti-ammonia. Avoid standard-issue coloring products, which often come with ammonia. An ammonia-free product that contains moisturizers will not only pump up your color, it’ll fatten the hair shaft and impart some great shine.

Method #5: Avoid blow-drying your hair. Blow-drying your hair increases the dryness and flattens waves or curls. I avoid blow-drying by letting my hair dry naturally. But if you really need to use the hair dryer, get one with a diffuser (see Philips’ website for example) because it emits heat evenly and with less intensity.

Special note: Apply an anti-frizz product before blow-drying and don’t hold the diffuser too close to your head (at least 4-inches away). Lift it up in bunches if you need to get underneath and scrunch the curls with your fist while letting the diffused heat blow over your head. Important note: Do not brush or comb your hair because the frizz may return.

An important fact you should know: Shampoo is for your scalp, while conditioner is for your hair (only apply to the portion below your ears).