blisters saviour

I love buying new shoes, but I hate those blisters (and of course, the scars). Using plasters do work but it is pretty unsightly when the plasters peek out of the shoes, and they always leave sticky stains on my shoes or feet.

My friend recommended me to this product “Foot Glide Anti-Blister Foot Formula”.  I have tried and tested it, and it really works! Today I wore my brand new covered flats from Mondo and I walked around Marina Square and Suntec for at least two hours. Yes, no blisters at all! I am so glad that I need not standby plasters anymore.

Apparently, it was already available in the pharmacies a couple of months ago! I bought mine from Watson’s for $11.05 with a 20% discount from the usual price of $13.80. This is how it looks like.

Foot Glide Anti-Blister Foot Formula

It is a palm-size roll-on deodorant lookalike bottle. It is also very easy to use – You just need to rub it over your heels, toes or areas where you will likely get blisters. It is like rubbing wax to your feet instead of your shoes. You will be amazed that the waxy layer stays on your skin for hours.

This is a “prevention is better than cure” measure, meaning protecting your lovely feet before you start plastering all over your blisters. We all wish to enjoy a “painless” new-shoe experience, don’t we?


4 Responses to blisters saviour

  1. Uncle John says:

    Wearing flat shoe in long term creates knee problems! as the shoe dosent have absorbtion meaning more impact on the knee..haha…haha love pretty also must be healthy:>

  2. bodytreats says:

    Thanks John! Yes, you are right. It brings heel pain too. Any tips on reducing the pain?

  3. alaskie says:

    oh my gosh! thanks for the tip! i am seriously going to get this!

    i have ugly funny and big feet… tend to get blisters in wadever heelies i wear. so i always have to ‘waste’ plasters on my feet. yea… bet you know how that feels. (:

    Hmm, to cure heel pains, wear well-padded sandals! that’s why I love my birkis. walk anywhere under the sun!

  4. C says:

    thanks for the advise

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