Everyone should have a bottle of Vaseline! (Beauty comes as cheap as $1.80)

When I first read the Vaseline bottle label I freaked out. It says “100% Pure Petroleum Jelly”. I thought to myself that I am not going to put “petrol” on my face! What a laugh.


Petroleum Jelly is neither petrol nor jelly.  It is a colorless semisolid mixture of hydrocarobons obtained from petroleum and used in lubricants and medicinal ointments.

I bought mine from Mustafa Centre for only $1.80. I also managed to get it from Guardian for $1.95. Well, it is really a cheap beauty solution with many other perks. Read on! 

Here are the great wonders of Vaseline:

1. Want to smell good? Next time, before you put on your perfume, apply a layer of Vaseline onto your skin because scents are retained for a longer time on oily skin!

2. Get Denise Keller’s lashes – She coated her lashes with Vaseline on a daily basis for one year and her lashes grew this long.

Denise Keller 

3. Sleep with Vaseline on – I get dry and flaky patches when I wake up in the morning, especially my nose and lips. I will apply Vaseline to those patches before going to bed, and I will get nice smooth skin the next day.

4. Goodbye, ugly crack heels – It helps heal cracked heels too. Sock-up your feet definitely helps in the absorption too.

Head to the nearest Guardian pharmacy and grab one! )

17 Responses to Everyone should have a bottle of Vaseline! (Beauty comes as cheap as $1.80)

  1. cosmeticchemist says:

    for tip no. 1, wouldn’t that clog your pores and give you a not-so-attractive glow? But the crack heels idea is fabulous! Just love your blog

  2. Missie Joy says:

    Hey there, i applied vaseline on my eyelashes as well n indeed it grew! But becareful not to put it on the lid as our eyes is sensitive n might grow oil pups. ANyway thks for the other tips, didnt know it has so many other wonders!
    Missie Joy

  3. bodytreats says:

    Missie Joy: Thanks for the alert! Did you see results after a year also? You are right, we have to be very careful when applying skincare on our eyes area. We will have more trouble if our eyes develope those oil pups.

    Cosmeticchemist: Thank you for your comments!
    I don’t have clog pores problems with it yet…Maybe you can start with a thin layer of it.
    Yes, it works wonder with cracked heels! What a cheap beauty rescue, isn’t it?

  4. cherrycoke says:

    i’m going to try the eyelash tip! 🙂

    do we apply it the same way that we apply mascara?

  5. bodytreats says:

    cherrycoke: yeah, apply a thin layer will do. Do be careful and not put it on the lid as our eyes is sensitive n might grow oil pups. Thanks to Missie Joy for alerting us on this! 🙂

  6. Missie Joy says:

    Welcome welcome..Anyway i tried Vaseline on my cracked heels!! Just for 2 days i can see results…Woooooo love ur tips!! I wan more more tips!

  7. bodytreats says:

    Missie Joy: Glad you like my tips. I will be most happy to share more with all of you! 🙂

  8. csp0 says:

    thanks you, beauty guru ……….

  9. Cassandra says:

    Guess we all need to do just that ……. Cheap & good

  10. poongodi says:

    can we apply vaseline on face for my skin,which has white patches.can we apply always or at what period?either summer or winter?give me some suggestions.

  11. poongodi says:

    can we apply vaseline on face.is it good?my face is always having white patches on it.mine is also asensitive skin.now it become dry skin.iam in saudi arabia,Jeddah.how can i make my skin smoother and good.give me some suggestions.

  12. bodytreats says:

    poongodi: Yes we can apply Vaseline on our skin. I am not too sure about the white patches, are those dry skin areas? I would suggest that you could try a small quantity on a small area. 🙂

  13. lala says:

    it’s weird I was forming little wrinkles underneath my eyes and I’m only 19 and then I patted a thin layer of vaseline on there every night for a few days and now the wrinkles has highly diminished.

  14. Stephii says:

    Everyone tells me vaseline clogs up your pores and gives you breakout ((lots of pimples))
    is that true

  15. bodytreats says:

    Hi Stephii, I have heard about how vaseline could clog up our pores. I guess it depends on the skin type as well, also it will depends on the amount used – always try a small amount on a small area first. 🙂 In addition, proper cleansing is equally important.

  16. Liza says:

    My friend on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came here.

  17. MikyyOvo4 says:

    Thats a wonderful post! I’m so glad you chose to write about it.

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