How does calories turn into fat

Sometimes I deceive myself that I can eat another piece of fried chicken because I will be able to burn the calories by moving around more, walking faster, jumping a little here and there.

Does calories really get burn off so easily?

If you are guilty of what I confessed, listen up now… here comes the facts (source: CLEO 2007 February issue).

 Fact #1: Even when you exercise while eating, you are still gaining calories. (This is really sad!)

Fact #2: It takes at least 20 minutes of exercising before the fat reserves are reaches and start to burn.

Fact #3: Think twice before walking into Ben and Jerry’s because eating one scoope of ice cream would need three hours of walking!

Fact #4: Always keep a bottle of water in your bag, or on your desk, so that you would switch to drinking water than snacking away.

I need to hit the gym again and soon! All my calories are over liberated – they turn into fat easily, and that is because I failed to burn them off. If burning is taken plainly, just pass me a light, I will get the job done. I wish.


4 Responses to How does calories turn into fat

  1. Karen says:

    tell me more abt calories man.. i’m putting on so much weight now that i’m on an internship and not on the move in sch.. here’s a website that we can all look at for their tips and stuff.. 🙂

  2. bodytreats says:

    Karen: you are greatly missed in school. Thanks for sharing the website. It is very informational. 🙂

  3. bodytreats says:

    beautytipsandtricks: Well, I am tried to eat more soupy food, cut down on fried stuff, and exercise more. And, I just swam last Sunday, and going to jog on Thursday! I am excited to see how things would come along. Have you read my post on Lose Weight Without Dieting? I love it, especially Tip #1!

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