Under the weather, the stormy one.

I have been slow in writing lately because I have been ill, got a little better, then fell ill again. 

This is the most hated cycle.

Plus, I usually need to visit the doctor twice or thrice before I could really get well.

I wonder, is there a problem with my communication skills in relating my illness? Or, is it the doctor’s capability in diagnosing the illness?

More often than not, before entering the doctor’s room, I will rehearse in my mind about how my illness came about, how I am feeling now, how lousy I am feeling. I hope to give the doctor the best understanding of my illness, because I want the doctor to be able to prescribe the right medication to kill the bug (maybe bugs) in me!

However, I always ponder over the effectiveness of my communication skills if I do not get well on the first consultation.

Maybe I did not rehearse enough.

Well, maybe the bugs are advancing much faster than the development of drugs?

The only thing I could do now is to drink lots of water, and talk less (if it is ever possible).


5 Responses to Under the weather, the stormy one.

  1. bisyri says:

    Sometimes, it takes more than just the doc’s prescription to get well dear…

    Perhaps you are not resting enough.
    Perhaps its stress showing physical symptoms.
    Perhaps the prescribed medicine doesn’t work well with your system.
    Perhaps the doc didn’t listen properly although you communicated to him well.
    Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…lol

    Get well soon ok? *hugz*

  2. Keith says:

    Don’t blame yourself silly (: Dr Ng thinks you really haven been sleeping enough. Go sleep now!

  3. karen says:

    babe, it’s just your body’s way to tell you to take a well-deserved break and sleep.. take care!

  4. bodytreats says:

    Dear all, thanks for your love. I will get well soon. 🙂

  5. amsiewong says:

    Yes rest your mind, only then your body can rest. 😀 Love you!

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