How to survive coordinating two weddings in a row?

March 31, 2008

I almost did not survive the weekend. I was heavily involved in my buddy’s wedding on Saturday, and my another girlfriend’s wedding on Sunday. (I will post some of their gorgeous photos soon.)

For both weddings, I am their “jie-mei” (somewhat like bridesmaid in the American terms) during the day and emcee for the wedding banquet.

Well, thank God I survived and I even managed to wake up for my 0830hrs class the following day. To be honest, I am really, really tired and burnt out. I was in a daze and found it hard to concentrate during the morning class, and of course, the afternoon class.

Anyway, since I survived this wedding rush for two brides, I would share some little tips on how to survive. 🙂

Tip #1: Drink lots of water during the day

With Singapore’s humid weather, to avoid headache and sore throat, I have to drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated.

Tip #2: Prevent blister

We are all in our pretty heels and with so much walking for the whole day, it is definitely wiser to prevent blisters from developing than nursing them with lots of plasters. Protect your feet with anti-blister treatment using products like Foot Glide Anti-Blister Foot Formula. (See my post on blister saviour to find out more.)

Tip #3: Use conditioner to remove hair styling products

After numerous sprays of hair styling product, my hair become hard and stiff. To remove the hair styling product thoroughly, apply conditioner to the hair before shampooing. Massage the hair gently, rinse off then shampoo as usual.

Tip #4: Eat when it is time to eat

I often hear girls saying that they are not eating so that they can fit more nicely into their dresses. However, if you do not have enough energy for the event, fatigue will hit you fast and hard.

Tip #5: Keep warm – bring a nice dressy jacket along

Some hotel ballrooms have very strong air-conditioning, and there is no way you will enjoy the dinner if you are freezing throughout. Bring a nice looking dressy jacket to keep yourself warm. Even if you do not need it, you can lend it to a friend who needs it. 🙂

Tip #6: Maintain a light mood

There are times when there are delays, bad weather, noisy crowd etc. The only way to survive through all these is to maintain a happy and light mood. Afterall, it is a joyous occassion. Smile, cheers and be merry.


Pretty Pretty nail service review

March 27, 2008

This is my first beauty service review on manicure and pedicure service in Singapore. I visited Pretty Pretty Makeover Pte Ltd this afternoon.

I first read about Pretty Pretty on Simply Her magazine’s March 2008 issue. The review was positive and I was attempted to try their service. Since I will be attending two weddings this weekend, the occasions call for some nail grooming. 🙂

Last night, I called to make an appointment. I was surprised to hear a man’s voice. He was polite and answered all my queries on prices of various services. He even asked if this would be my first visit, because all first-time customers at Pretty Pretty would enjoy a special rate of $58 for a classic manicure and pedicure package (which is what I am asking for!).

The next morning, I received a call from Pretty Pretty confirming my appointment. Though it is quite impossible for me to forgot about my appointment (since I made it last night), the call was still a good reminder.

The shop is tucked in one corner of Eastpoint Mall (located next to Simei MRT). I took some time to find my way there.

I was warmly welcomed at the entrance by a man – I guess he would be the one who I spoken to last night. He was smartly dressed in business shirt and pants.

I was directed straight into the waiting area which is gorgeously done up with frills-curtains, comfy arm chairs and nice thick carpet (see pictures below). This is a very comfortable waiting area where customers would also wait to dry their nails.


As I sat down, the man asked if I would like some drinks, he asked if I would like Earl Grey tea or water. I love Earl Grey – this service totally delighted me.  

My manicurist was still serving another customer, thus I waited for about 10 minutes while she cleans up and set up new set of tools for my session. Meanwhile, the man topped up my tea for me, and constantly apologise for the wait.

Finally, my seat is ready. Nothing exceptional when she was filing and buffing my nails. However, as usual, when my manicurist, May, applied hand lotion on me, she started promoting products to me. She told me about my uneven skin tone and dry skin problems. Well, good thing is, she does not hard sell at all. I did not even have to decline the offer, I barely did not express any interest, and I think she got the cue.

Finally, I had to choose my nail color. May was very patient with me. I cannot decide, however, she was always patiently giving me recommendations. 

Guess what. Just as she was about to paint my nails, I asked to change into another color! We went through the process again, there was no change in her attiude. I was not being difficult, I just cannot decide, because the colors are all gorgeous.

May was extremely focused when she was applying my nail color. I hate it when my manicurist stop and chat with her fellow colleague. I want to have undivided attention from my manicurists. I mean, they can chat with me, but not gossip around with other colleagues. Anyway, May was so focused and quiet that I could close my eyes and almost fall asleep.

Guess what again. I decided to have get nail art done for my finger nails. Again, May was able to recommend a few designs for me to choose from. I added little pearls to my thumb nails and was delighted that they are so pretty to look at (see photos below). May also shared my joy and was also excited to see that the nail art turns out great.


Finally, my nails makeover is completed. The service is so wonderful that I felt compelled to speak to the man to find out more about the business model. Finally, I can stop calling him “the man” – he is Kelvin, one of the owners.

I am surprised and amazed by their business philosophy. They are very particular about hygiene. They sterilize all tools that are used during the sessions. They do not reuse filer, buffer and toes dividers.  You can even bring them home after the service! Kelvin emphasize that customer’s safety issues in the nail hygiene aspect is their responsibility. Thus, Kelvin believes in providing this additional mileage to all customers.  

There is an additional bonus points for Pretty Pretty. They have three days service warranty for manicure and pedicure – if your nail color chipped, you can visit them for a quick touch up. Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

My overall review and final words:  

Ambience: 4/5 – there was no music playing in the shop – I think some soft relaxing music would be great.

Service: 5/5 – what else can I ask for?

Price: 5/5 – very valuable for money and you receive quality service and high level of hyigene

Quality: 5/5 – I love my nails – very well painted – totally smooth, no bubbles at all.

Hygiene: 5/5 – outstanding, amazing, exceptional – try find me another nail care place that is doing the same

Overall: 5/5 – I highly recommend Pretty Pretty. No doubt (for now, until someone else provides such excellency).

Where can you find Pretty Pretty?

Location: Eastpoint Mall (beside Simei MRT), #03-16B (take the escalator beside KFC)

Contact: 67898180

Makeup mistakes

March 25, 2008

I read the tips closely and re-read them to realize that it is so simple to make mistakes when we are putting on makeup! Thank God for CLEO (Singapore) for addressing these makeup misconceptions which many of us would possibly are making similar mistakes. Once again, these great tips are from CLEO (Singapore) April 2008 issue. 🙂

Mistake #1: Foundation should be darker for evening

This is totally wrong. Bear in mind the core rule of choosing a foundation and not be misled by the time of the day. You should always try to match foundation to your skin tone or you will end up with a different-looking skin color from your face to neck.

Mistake #2: Makeup bases are gimmicks

Well, apparently, all makeup artists sweat by a pre-makeup base before applying foundation. A makeup base brightens up lacklustre skin and is great for those who prefer a more natural look. If you have oily skin, remember to dust off with some loose powder.

There are also different type of makeup which could help to reduce redness, reduce dark eye circles, provide radiance etc. Most importantly, choose one with UV protection.

Mistake #3: Makeup should emphasize only one feature

Sometimes you just cannot have the best of both worlds – you have pretty eyes and sexy lips and you wish to show them off. Sorry, too bad, you can only choose either one.

Wrong! Generally, it is true but in the evening, you can go heavier on more than one feature. E.g. a subtle smokey eye could look great with a red liptick.

Now, you must be feeling more liberated – enhance and show the two features that you love! 🙂

Love yourself, pamper yourself, time to yourself…

March 24, 2008

I have been following WiredBerries for the past two months, and this article “A Little Luxury” compelled to me. It talks about taking little (luxury) breaks in the midst of your busy schedule.  

The article is so apt for my stage of life now. My life has been hectic. Many times, I felt fatigue and burned-out. However, in order to move on, we need rest.

Here’s what WiredBerries and I suggest you could do.  Take time to enjoy a little luxury – do it for yourself, my dear friends.

Luxury #1 – Steal time for a short nap

I did that on last Saturday – it was awesome. 🙂

Luxury #2 – Take a long shower

I would add in a scrub session as well to pamper my skin a little.

Luxury #3 – Do nothing for 10 minutes

This would mean “stone” for 10 minutes and totally let go. I have tried this, and I almost doze off after a while!

Luxury #4 – Put on a face mask

I did that on last Saturday too! It was a great feeling – I could hear my skin exclaiming “thank you” to me for pampering it.

Luxury #5 – Enjoy good (or very good!) wine with some dark chocolates

I have not done this before. It would be my wish to have this session soon.

Luxury #6 – Indulge in mani and pedi-cure session

I cannot even recall the last time I have such indulgence. I definitely am going for one soon.

Luxury #7 – Stay in with a good book, or find a nice cafe and enjoy a good book

If I have time to finish reading my textbooks and case studies, I would love to reach for a good book.

Luxury #8 – Stay in your pyjamas for the whole day

I miss doing this.

Luxury #9 – Have a solo dance

This sounds cool. Has anyone tried this before? I am sure it would be pretty therapeutic! 🙂

Now, it is your choice – love yourself a bit more.

How does skin breathe?

March 23, 2008

I cannot believe I have been holding onto the wrong belief for more than 10 years (for as long as I first know what makeup is).

I thought, by not putting on makeup, I am giving my skin a chance to breathe. I always feel that having makeup on my skin would clogs my pores and my skin would be “buried” under a layer of powder (i.e. foundation, blusher, loose powder etc).

However, (listen up!), I am wrong. In CLEO (Singapore) April 2008 issue, this myth is corrected. “The only way oxygen is delivered to the skin cells is from the blood supply,” says Debbie Dickson from Danne Montague-King skincare.

While putting on heavy moisturisers or foundation can hinder absorption, they do not inhibit actual oxygen from nourishing the skin.

Well, this does not indicate that you could start putting on thick makeup from tomorrow on. I must emphasize that proper skincare regime is very important to ensure that your skin is kept clean and hydrated.

Last words: Ladies, please remove your makeup thoroughly before you go to sleep, because the tissues in your skin is undergoing repair and renewal when you are sleeping.

Fake eyelashes, here I come.

March 22, 2008

This is random. I am having the “let’s play with make-up” mood.

I have that pair of fake eyelashes for almost two months. I finally got that bottle of eyelashes glue.

Now, I finally have time to play with them.

If you are wondering if it is going to be difficult, watch these videos on youtube. The step by step instructions seem pretty simple. I watched a few videos, and I found these two the best. The former one is professionally recorded, while the latter provides really friends-like feeling. 🙂

Plus, my dear friend, Amelia, is obsessed with wearing fakes eyelashes, and she is looking so gorgeous with them on. It looks natural too.

Here’s a photo of me with my dear Amelia – with her fake eyelashes on. Isn’t she gorgeous?


Hair facts or myth (Part 3)

March 22, 2008

You like the scent of the shampoo so you decided to stock up a few bottles. A bottle of shampoo last for around three to four  months. Therefore, in one year, you could barely buy three bottles.

What is the problem with using the same shampoo over time?

There is no scientific provings that our hair would become immune to the same shampoo. However, it is important to prevent product build-up of copper, iron, hard water minerals found in hair products, especially over prolong period of usage, like shampoo.

You could use a deep cleanse or clarifying shampoo once a week to clarify your hair then continue with your all-time-favourite shampoo. This ritual would also help in removing styling product build-up on hair, in particular if you use wax, mud, or leave-in moisturiser on a daily basis.

Love yourself, love your hair.