Flowers lift your mood

There is so much we can do for a friend when he/she is feeling upset or stressed up.  If you want to see a quick mood lift, buy your friend (probably works better on females) a bunch of flowers.

I read this tip on Shape Singapore (October 2007 issue) that women who received flowers were found to feel a quick mood lift. And within a week, they reported feeling more compassionate and kind, less sad and anxious, and more ethusiastic and energetic. Most importantly, it melts away depression.

This study is conducted by The Havard Medical School researchers which highlighted that humans are attracted to aspects of nature. In addition, flowers have the effect of beauty – it inspires and pleases.

An article on Flower frangances bring brighter moods also supports that fresh flowers have significant health benefits. There is even a podcast on how to make use of flowers arrangements within your home to change the mood of your home!

This little tip meant a lot to me, it is almost like a “call for action” to me. Of late, school work has been overly stressful for many of my friends. I shall surprise them with flowers to lift up their mood because I would love to see them smile. 🙂

On a separate note, my prolonged coughing has worried my dear friend, Zee. Today, she surprised me with a bottle of chinese medicated drink that would help cure my cough. I am totally touched by her kind gesture, it was extremely sweet of her. Thanks Zee. 🙂


I saw the instant mood lifting effects when I present the flowers to my friend. Check it out in my review post on Flowers lift your mood – review.


7 Responses to Flowers lift your mood

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

  2. Bisyri says:

    Hey girl. Don’t mention it…that was just a little gesture, nothing great. The next time someone else coughs and you come across herbal drink that will help, you will do the same thing..I am sure =)

  3. Adam says:

    Hi Calin! Gee.. keep the blogs coming.. GIves great perspective and yah! ur cough should be much better by now!! cos of Zee’s drink of ‘love’ lol! Keep smiling!

  4. Flowers certainly lift your mood, smell is processed by the body through the limbic system (in the brain) and is responsible for your emotional control. Smells particularly when they can be related to older happy memories are a great way to change your mood. Think of the smell of fresh bread baking…

    Flower scents thought also have the added benefit of the natural healing chemicals and life force in all living things, this is why aromatherapy works so well. It is working on many levels, just like all good healing therapies do.

    blessings Annie

  5. bodytreats says:

    Stacey: Thank you for adding me to your Google reader! I am glad you enjoyed my blog. Is smallbusinessblog your personal blog? It has very interesting topics. 🙂

    Bisyri: Thank you very much for your lovely gesture. You are very right, and yes, I will do the same for you too as well.

    Adam: Thanks for dropping by. My cough is much better now. I am getting back my voice, finally.

    wamfitandwell: Great info! Thank you for sharing that. I totally agree on the fresh smell of bread baking. It gives a very warm and cozy feeling, and I think it also provides a sense of security because of the strong yet pleasant aroma.

  6. […] fascinated how flowers could have an instant mood lifting effect as I shared in my earlier post on Flowers lift your mood. I said I will buy flowers for my friends to see if people’s mood really could instantly be […]

  7. Jason says:

    Your comments resonated with me. It made me think of this new book.

    I think you’ll like this book:

    Step Back from the Baggage Claim:
    Change the World, Start at the Airport

    Your comments above make me think you’ll welcome the spirit of this book/movement. It brings powerful stories to life about stepping back to gain perspective, slowing down, sharing compassion, living gratefully, embracing creativity, and traveling gracefully through the moments of our lives.

    Give it a try and spread the spirit!

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