Flowers lift your mood – review

I am fascinated how flowers could have an instant mood lifting effect as I shared in my earlier post on Flowers lift your mood. I said I will buy flowers for my friends to see if people’s mood really could instantly be lifted.

When I secretly and sweetly present the flowers to my friends individually, each of them just went “Wow, so sweet!”, “Wow, for me?”, other surprise plus delighted expressions were also heard. However, one definite sign – the million dollar smile.

I am very happy to see them smile and adorn the flowers. It helps break off from the stressful mood for (at least) that moment. Most importantly, I expressed my love for them, and they felt it. 🙂

In the photos below is one of my best girlfriends in school. I believe from her expressions, you are able to see the effects of flower-power.


Now, you know the trick – it is very easy to make someone happy. 🙂


6 Responses to Flowers lift your mood – review

  1. Bisyri says:

    Hmmm…your sentence about making someone happy reminds me of an interesting article I read and bookmarked. Here is the link,, for your pleasure reading =)

  2. Bisyri says:

    The link I posted earlier will not work because the comma is recognized as part of it when it shouldn’t be. Here it is again:
    Sorry for the repetitive comment posting. My bad =(

  3. […] I saw the instant mood lifting effects when I present the flowers to my friend. Check it out in my review post on Flowers lift your mood – review. […]

  4. amsiewong says:

    Thanks for the flower dear! It’s sitting on my desk now in a vase. 🙂

  5. bren says:

    thankie for the daisy. you rocked my day! =)

  6. bodytreats says:

    Bisyri: Thanks dear!

    amsie: You are welcome, my dear. 🙂

    bren: Cool! You rock too, babe!

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