Bad hair habits (Part 1)

If you have not bought the April issue of CLEO (Singapore), I suggest you go grab a copy now. It is definitely worth more than S$4.40. This issue is jam packed with cool beauty tips! Otherwise, stay tune to my blog, I will push out the great beauty tips over the next days.

For today, I am going to talk about breaking bad habits that you are doing to your tresses. I received death penalty for all cases – red alert mode for me again.

Listen up.

Bad habit #1: Pulling all your hair back from the front to tie a tight ponytail.

I can attest that a tight ponytail gives us a really nice and neat look – the stark look that I like very much. However, it causes our hairline to recede, making our forehead look a lot higher.

Break habit #1: Tie your hair loosely to the side (CLEO says it is more chic than a ponytail!) 


Bad habit #2: Constantly tying up your hair at one place.

Well, I can be quite boring, so I would stick to the style that works best. However, constantly tying hair at one place would stress the protective layer of our hair, causing hair strands to be more brittle and snap at mid-length.

Break habit #2: Alternate between high and low ponytail (a loose one!)

Bad habit #3: Wearing sunglasses on the top of your head

I love doing that – I think I look quite cool with that huge shades on my head. However, strands tend to tangle on the hinges or nosepiece and causing the hair to be more liable to breakage. With this said, I recall that I have bad experiences trying to remove my tangled hair from the hinges. So, coolness or painless?

Break habit #3: Keep your shades under the shade – your bag.


Bad habit #4: Twirling hair with your fingers

Constantly twirling hair in the smae place leaves semi-permanent kinks, especially if you do it to wet hair. I always do this! Oh no.

Break habit #4: Keep your fingers busy with other things (CLEO: try doodling)

Habits are hard to break. A definite tough job for me as I have four habits to work on.


9 Responses to Bad hair habits (Part 1)

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  2. amsiewong says:

    I love twirling my hair too! Haha…

  3. nirmalamagazine says:

    Actually is not very beautiful to have the shades on the top of the head, it s just a conditioning 🙂 good one! come to visit nirmalamagazine more often 🙂 luv, radha

  4. bodytreats says:

    amsie: We just cannot help it sometimes! But at least now we know that it is a bad habit!

    radha: Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed your post too. 🙂

  5. Andrea says:

    My sister has this bad habit of twisting her hair in to a we knot then pulls it out & she wonders why shes gettin bouldy parts.I think its her nerves… WHAT CAN SHE DO to stop this??

  6. earthgirl says:

    Omg! I do the same thing! It is nerves and I too would like to know how to stop this annoying habit. Its embarrassing too!

  7. Love the post. Keep up the good work! Thank you!

  8. prevent says:

    Great post. Will you please write additional about this subject.

  9. Kat says:

    Tight ponytails are so pretty though! ;.;

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