Hair facts or myth (Part 2)

Since we got into the “hairy” mood, we shall continue looking into other hair care tips and refute some very common hair myths.

Again, these tips are from CLEO (Singapore) April 2008 issue – I must say again that this is a great issue.

Now, let’s understand our hair a bit more…

Hair fact #1: Cutting your hair does not make it grow faster

Hair is like grass – cutting the hair away does not affect the roots. However, trimming hair ends can get rid of weak damaged ends, thus making your locks healthier.

Hair fact #2: Plucking one grey hair will not make two grow back

Pulling out the same strand of hair may result in the hair bulb becoming distorted and the new hair may grow out crinkly or even STOP growing!

This is a very serious consequence which I have never thought of. I shall stop plucking out hair, thinking that I will get two strands back.

Hair fact #3: Dandruff is caused by oily scalps

I was always under the impression that dry scalps develop drandruff because the dryness creates the flakes. However, an oily scalp enhances the production of yeast on the dermal layer of skin, thus causing excess skin renewal. To control such problem, we need to use oil control shampoo. 🙂

Hair fact #4: Sharing hair brush spreads scalp disease

Never ever share hair brush anymore – it is a fact that lice and other parasites can be transmitted from scalp to scalp through the combing tools. To avoid such problems, it is very important to wash the hair tool regularly.

This is so much on hair and it is amazing how we are following the myths, thus this post place us into a better idea about hair care.


2 Responses to Hair facts or myth (Part 2)

  1. Karen says:

    Great posts! Tell me more about the hairy matters!

    Oh by the way babe, I wanted to shop for concealer yesterday and didn’t know which brand / type to get and you were the 1st to come to mind! You are beginning to be a beauty guru! 😀

  2. bodytreats says:

    Hi Karen, thanks for thinking about me! Sure, will update you about choosing concealers! 🙂

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