Frame of your face – Eyebrows

I am very particular about my eyebrows. I trim my brows almost every night, I ensure that I tweezed away the strays and I draw my brows to fill in the gaps.

For one simple reason – eyebrows frame my eyes. It also enhances my overall appearance.

It is important to get professional help to trim your brows when you loose the shape of your brow. I would usually visit my makeup artist once every 2 months to get the right arch back in place.

CLEO (Singapore) April 2008 issue stated that, “If all you see when you look at a person are her brows, they are obviously in need of some grooming. You should balance the thickness of your brows with your face shape. If you have a broad or round face shape, avoid anything took thick or full. You should also try to achieve a fair amount of width so that there’s enough room for your eyeshadow.”

Check: are you eyebrows a little too bushy now? There are many professional help at cosmetic counters like M.A.C, Shu Uemura or Lancome. So, no excuses for unkept brows.


2 Responses to Frame of your face – Eyebrows

  1. Daryl Tay says:

    Oops. I’m guilty of not doing anything for like months already.

  2. bodytreats says:

    Hi Daryl, great, at least you know you could do better. Well, men who are well-groomed are very attractive! 🙂

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