Fake eyelashes, here I come.

This is random. I am having the “let’s play with make-up” mood.

I have that pair of fake eyelashes for almost two months. I finally got that bottle of eyelashes glue.

Now, I finally have time to play with them.

If you are wondering if it is going to be difficult, watch these videos on youtube. The step by step instructions seem pretty simple. I watched a few videos, and I found these two the best. The former one is professionally recorded, while the latter provides really friends-like feeling. 🙂

Plus, my dear friend, Amelia, is obsessed with wearing fakes eyelashes, and she is looking so gorgeous with them on. It looks natural too.

Here’s a photo of me with my dear Amelia – with her fake eyelashes on. Isn’t she gorgeous?



7 Responses to Fake eyelashes, here I come.

  1. amsiewong says:

    Awww thanks babe! 😀

  2. Elaine says:

    Woah, your friend did an amazing job with hers. I’ve got a pair of my own and I decided to try playing with it today. My right eye looks amazing but I wasn’t too good with the left side.

    To blend my falsies in, I used much eyeliner today for my lash line. But somehow I think I used too much glue to repair my left side and patches starts to show on my left eyelid. Any tips you’d like to share? Cause I am struggling with mine.

    And is there like different types of lashes that is suitable for certain face or eyes shape?

  3. brenyeo says:

    wah.. sounds like some major construction work man…

    oh ya… i want to add that i’m not happy. Miss Calin Chua Wei Wei @ Hui Hui, how come my blog is not in your list of friends? why huh.. what are u trying to imply……

  4. bodytreats says:

    Elaine: I am glad you got one side on well, at least. I failed my first round of attempts in putting my fask lashes. I need a better glue!

    I hope I could advise you, but since I failed, I need more ground works now! There are great tips from Simply Her – March issue. Let me know if you wish to take a look. 🙂

    brenyeo: My dear, it was indeed like a major work in process. I got you on my blogroll now! Love ya.

  5. amsiewong says:

    Practise makes perfect everyone! 🙂 For me, a black liner is a must-do. 😀

  6. Elaine says:

    Whee! The online spree community is organizing a “Falsies” Spree!
    The lashes are muy bonito! Check it out:


    And to solve my problem of having white patches of glue, I could now buy black glue! That should blend in nicely with my black eyeliner.

    Can’t wait to try it!

  7. bodytreats says:

    amsie: I lack that black eyeliner – I shall get one!

    Elaine: thanks for sharing! That’s a great deal!

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