Hair facts or myth (Part 3)

You like the scent of the shampoo so you decided to stock up a few bottles. A bottle of shampoo last for around three to four  months. Therefore, in one year, you could barely buy three bottles.

What is the problem with using the same shampoo over time?

There is no scientific provings that our hair would become immune to the same shampoo. However, it is important to prevent product build-up of copper, iron, hard water minerals found in hair products, especially over prolong period of usage, like shampoo.

You could use a deep cleanse or clarifying shampoo once a week to clarify your hair then continue with your all-time-favourite shampoo. This ritual would also help in removing styling product build-up on hair, in particular if you use wax, mud, or leave-in moisturiser on a daily basis.

Love yourself, love your hair.


3 Responses to Hair facts or myth (Part 3)

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  2. Shee says:

    Now, I am a frequent reader of your WP 🙂 Because this site is great! Full of good tips. And now, hope you don’t mind that I commented a lot and asked a lot of questions.

    Now, I need your overview on this one.. is it true if you change your shampoo alternately, it could produce a good hair? Like for example, on Monday you use shampoo A for long, straight hair then on Wednesday, you go for another wash and use shampoo B for shining hair? Thus, shampoo A + shampoo B = long,straight and shining hair? Is that logic?

  3. bodytreats says:

    Hello Shee! Thanks for your comments. 🙂
    I have never changed my shampoo that way! I have heard though that changing your shampoo after each bottle is finished would be good for your hair. Let me know if you found any new information about that, it sounds really interesting (and busy) to change shampoo almost everyday!

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