Love yourself, pamper yourself, time to yourself…

I have been following WiredBerries for the past two months, and this article “A Little Luxury” compelled to me. It talks about taking little (luxury) breaks in the midst of your busy schedule.  

The article is so apt for my stage of life now. My life has been hectic. Many times, I felt fatigue and burned-out. However, in order to move on, we need rest.

Here’s what WiredBerries and I suggest you could do.  Take time to enjoy a little luxury – do it for yourself, my dear friends.

Luxury #1 – Steal time for a short nap

I did that on last Saturday – it was awesome. 🙂

Luxury #2 – Take a long shower

I would add in a scrub session as well to pamper my skin a little.

Luxury #3 – Do nothing for 10 minutes

This would mean “stone” for 10 minutes and totally let go. I have tried this, and I almost doze off after a while!

Luxury #4 – Put on a face mask

I did that on last Saturday too! It was a great feeling – I could hear my skin exclaiming “thank you” to me for pampering it.

Luxury #5 – Enjoy good (or very good!) wine with some dark chocolates

I have not done this before. It would be my wish to have this session soon.

Luxury #6 – Indulge in mani and pedi-cure session

I cannot even recall the last time I have such indulgence. I definitely am going for one soon.

Luxury #7 – Stay in with a good book, or find a nice cafe and enjoy a good book

If I have time to finish reading my textbooks and case studies, I would love to reach for a good book.

Luxury #8 – Stay in your pyjamas for the whole day

I miss doing this.

Luxury #9 – Have a solo dance

This sounds cool. Has anyone tried this before? I am sure it would be pretty therapeutic! 🙂

Now, it is your choice – love yourself a bit more.


8 Responses to Love yourself, pamper yourself, time to yourself…

  1. Elaine says:

    I particularly enjoy #5 – part 1 a lot! *hic*
    Red wine never fails me!

  2. brenyeo says:

    looks like we all have to find time for a little girl-time…. except yiling whose “little happy place” is in her alcohol.

  3. bodytreats says:

    Elaine: I love #5 too. I really wish for that to happen soon.

    bren: Yes, we really need time to ourselves at times. Well, yiling is not alone, I do love alcohol. 🙂

  4. Elaine says:

    I’m working on Brewerkz for my Strategy project. You girls have no idea how high I’ve gotten! They’ve sponsored some beer too! Orgasmic ooooo

    I miss my booze! Gonna go drink some Baileys now!

  5. amsiewong says:

    You know babe, we should have a pyjamas party at my place since i’ve got 3 beds in my room. We could drink, play a lil mahjong, bake and eat cupcakes, watch chick-flicks, etc. Sounds like a slice of Heaven! 😀

  6. bodytreats says:

    Elaine: I worked on Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts – should have asked them for a spa treat or a night stay in their fabulous room.

    amsie: I would really love to do that – when I come back from Shanghai, how about that?

  7. amsiewong says:

    Yes yes I’ll be looking forward to that!

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    anyway i got an article that you can cut paste to your blog for all to see, its about 10 benefits of exercising. do take a look if you can ya

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