The healthier-unhealthy food – Part 4

The healthier-unhealthy food battle continues…

For this round, the contestants are tiramisu and brownie.


(source: gettyimages)

Tiramisu is contains mascarpone cheese, while chocolate brownie contains chocolate and butter.

Gram for gram, tiramisu has fewer calories and is lower in fat than a brownie. You may wish to read more about the nutrition facts of tiramisu and brownie.

Tiramisu is “healthier” also because of the added nutritional value from the cheese content – cheese is rich in calcium and phosphorus.

What is your take on this?

I love brownie, so I will just eat it at all cost. (Well, maybe after a gym workout.)



8 Responses to The healthier-unhealthy food – Part 4

  1. princess p says:

    ha, i can now savour my tiramisu with less guilt! ;op

  2. bodytreats says:

    Hi Princess p, love your food! Just take everything in moderation. 🙂

  3. Gu Gu says:

    Hi dear niece,
    wow, finally came into your blog. very interesting. hope i will look more beautiful when you come back. bec will surely apply your tips.

    tonight just went out for a meal with the whole family to celebrate your dads birthday.
    miss you though.

    glad to know you adapt well in shanghai, take good are and God bless.

    love, gu gu

  4. bodytreats says:

    Dear Gu Gu,

    You’re already very beautiful in God’s eyes… and you will be more beautiful with my bodytreats tips! Haha

    Love, Calin

  5. cosmeticchemist says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE tiramisu and I don’t feel all nasty after eating a piece. Brownies on the other hand, I feel that i’ve added a whole kg on each side of my waist.

  6. bodytreats says:

    cosmeticchemist: I love brownie and I do enjoy tiramisu as well. I feel, let’s just savour the world’s creation of good desserts, and exercise the next day to lose that extra pound. 🙂

  7. GEORGIANN says:

    Thank you for all the detail!! Still another extraordinary picture, it’s the reason we come back to all your wordpress bog quite often…

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