The healthier-unhealthy food – Part 6

In 10 days’ time, I will be leaving for Shanghai for my 16 weeks internship. I am beginning to miss Singapore’s local food, especially the hawker food.


Now, my love for hawker food brings my attention to today’s contestants – char kway teow and carrot cake.


(Source:boo_licious of Masak-masak blog)                                               




As we know, both are fried with a lot of oil, and of course, they come with lots of calories and fat.


But here is what Simply Her has to say: “Gram for gram, char kway teow wins hands down – it has more protein and less fat, even if it’s slightly higher in carbohydrates.”


(Rejoice) I am pretty shocked with the verdict, however, because I love fried carrot cake, it is a dish that I can eat for breakfast, snack and supper.


Nonetheless, please refrain from eating char kway teow and carrot cake too frequently.  They are good for occasional treats.


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