The healthier-unhealthy food – Part 7

I will only be away from Singapore for four months, but I am already missing all my favourite local dishes. I will miss Nasi Lemak, for sure. I love to have my Nasi Lemak served with lots of chilli, especially those sweet-spicy type.


Well, where does Nasi Lemak stand in the “healthier-unhealthy food” fight? This fight is Nasi lemak against Hainanese Chicken Rice.



      Nasi Lemak                            Hainanese Chicken Rice

(Source: wikipedia)


Here is what Simply Her researched on.


“Gram for gram, chicken rice is much lower in calories, higher in protein, lower in carbohydrates, and gives you about the same amount of fat as nasi lemak. To cut your fat intake even more, opt for steamed rice, and ask for extra cucumber to up your fibre and vitamin intake.”


I have to agree that Nasi Lemak is less healthy as compared to Hainanese Chicken Rice for the various reasons based on my own analysis:


1. The rice served for Nasi Lemak is cooked with coconut milk.

2. Nasi Lemak comes with other side-dishes that are usually fried, for example, fried chicken wings (my favourite!), fried ikan billis (aka anchovies).

3. The chilli served with Nasi Lemak is cooked with lots of oil.

4. (This is personal) I will do not feel full eating one packet of Nasi Lemak, so I will usually eat another dish! (You can tell what a glutton I am.)


I am busy preparing for my examinations now, and I will be off to Shanghai on Friday. I hope I can get my Internet connection fixed quickly so that I can update my posts once I am settled down. 🙂



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