three ways to eat and yet still be slim and healthy

Tired is my physical and mental state. Disappointment is my reflection on my time management skills. I have decided to put everything down, and post this long-due entry.

After three months in Shanghai, I have put on much weight, and the fats build-up is visible (yes it is sad). The food is fantastic, because much oil has been used to make it so good. Anyway, it is time to be focused on my get-into-shape plans. There are three good ones that I could consider. These tips are from a beauty magazine I bought in Shanghai – it is an irony, I know.

Get-into-shape Plan #1: Only eat rice, vegetables (steamed, boiled or raw) and fruits (except bananas). Do not put salt in your food, drink water/juices/oolong tea. Never drink coffee.

Why rice? It helps to reduce water retention. In addition, this rice-plan works well because you will not feel hungry as easily and rice contains fibre for good bowel movement.

Get-into-shape Plan #2: No food after 5pm, well, at most an apple. To be ensure that you can still get a good night sleep (without grumbling noises from the stomach), eat a little portion of rice with vegetables (non-oily).

I have tried this couple of times and I can see a visible flatter tummy. It is amazing, and I definitely felt good about it. However, for beginners, it is adviced that you carry out this plan on alternate nights so that you will not suffer from gastric or stomach discomfort.

Get-into-shape Plan #3: Only after every five hours, take small meals with lots of vegetables (non-oily). Do not take seafood and chemically-treated food products. This plan would also gives you a better complexion through detoxification.

This plan sounds simple, but it means you must resist from snacking in school or office. This is again a test of determination.

Girls and guys, stand up, breathe in, tuck in that tummy, if you cannot tuck it in (just like myself), let’s take on one of the get-into-shape plans.


3 Responses to three ways to eat and yet still be slim and healthy

  1. Emily Tu says:

    Plan #2 is really effective for slimming tummy, I can attest to it! But it’s really easier said than done. During summer holidays I could always have dinner before 6pm, not only my tummy looked flatter but nor did I have any stomach discomfort. But nowadays school has started, I have some 6.45pm classes so dinner is always after that 😦 also if you go out with friends during weekend, it’s hard to force them to eat with you before 6pm, haha.
    Anyway, really interesting and helpful blog!! 🙂

  2. bodytreats says:

    Hi Emily, I am certainly on your side. I always have problems when I want to start a consistent diet program. I guess, if we cannot have dinner before 6pm, let’s try 9pm? Let me know if you have any good diet plans. Cheers!

  3. Cookie says:

    A good start for your diet plan!

    My experienc: when I start my diet control plan, I also wear slimming pant / underwear to massage my tummy, hip and thigh to get rid of the flabby area (You know lah, we ladies have difficulty to get rid of these areas).

    Wear slimming pant will help, but must choose those clinically proven one. Don’t choose those garment that is meant for dinner, instantly but not effective OR those that make of low quality and claim it works.

    Try this product from this website – It really helps to reduce your tummy, hip and thigh permanently. For me, Tummy appear after good food or back from holiday, wear this product for 2 days and get it flat again! Amazing!

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