calcium mad-rush before i hit 30 – updates

My professor happened to read my entry about my low bone density condition.

She asked, “Is what you wrote real?”.

I said, “Yes, of course Prof, everything I say on my blog is real!” (Laugh)

She became concerned and told me to make ginger a part of my diet. Ginger, yes, ginger. I do not like it either. Based on my Prof, she said that if you try juicing a piece of ginger, leave the juice to set for a while, you will see a layer of white deposit at the bottom of the glass – those are apparently, “calcium”.

Ginger juice – a little too much for me to handle. I shall be discipline and pop my calcium pills everyday.


One Response to calcium mad-rush before i hit 30 – updates

  1. Roz says:

    I’ve read a few of your blogs – they’re great. I used to have osteopenia too and have reversed this through nutrition. In fact, I have been really interested in nutrition since I was in my teens (now 50!) and am now a nutrition coach.

    I just want to make you aware that using calcium supplementation is not an effective way to support your bone density. Often, nutritional supplements don’t even make it through the GI tract into your body, which can be equated to throwing money down the loo – even had really yellow urine after taking some vitamins?

    I notice from your blog that you’re also dealing with weight issues and binge eating/diets. I would be happy to help you with these issues, if you would like to contact me.

    I hope you’ll check out our website and also take a look at this 15 min video

    In health

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