Banana dieting plan

This is one of those times when I feel upset looking into the mirror. I bought this new tee-shirt on impulse – loved the graphics on it and did not care less how I looked in it. When I try it on again back home, my tummy is visibly huge under that unflattering body-hugging tee. As much as I love that tee, I am hating it now.

Hating the tee is not the best solution. I need to get rid of that tummy.

Last month when I was in Shanghai for a business trip, I get my hands on my favourite local beauty magazine, 都市丽人. There is an article about diet plan – Breakfast Banana Diet Plan – get slimmer in 3 weeks! Sounds great, isn’t it?

Here’s what can be done:

1. For breakfast: Have bananas with lukewarm water. That will help you clear your bowels. Have as many bananas as you like. 🙂 This will seemingly make you feel full and eat lesser during lunch.

2. For dinner: You can still take what you usually have for dinner (of course, you have to avoid those deep-fried stuff). Have your dinner before 8pm, because food stuff like meat needs 4 hours to be fully digested. If you feel hungry before you hit the bed, grab some fruits – typically only need 15-20 mins to digest.

3. For your body restoration: Sleep before 12 midnight. (Really tough especially on girls’ night out days). Anyway, the reason behind this is for your body to restore when you are asleep. Base on some research, your body restores during the first 5-6 hours of your sleep. However, apparently, after sunrise, the process will cease. Ok, this sounds really scientific. Let’s just do our best to hit the bed before midnight.

4. For your drinks: Drinks with artifical flavourings would deteriorate your taste bud and will result in you eating more. (This is horrifying!) So, before lunch, you should only drink plain water. After lunch till before dinner, you may have drinks with less sugar or no sugar content.

Do not seem too difficult. Hopefully I will be disciplined enough to carry out this plan for 3 weeks!


7 Responses to Banana dieting plan

  1. servicebnw says:

    Hey babe, go easy on the bananas too.. I remember reading on a magazine that the carbohydrates that a banana contains is equivalent to that of a bowl of white rice!

    Good luck to your diet plan!!

  2. beautytipsandtricks says:

    how many pounds do you lose in a week?

  3. bodytreats says:

    @ servicebnw: Thanks for reminding that! I am shocked that the carbs from a banana is equivalent to a bowl of white rice. Oh well, banana has other goodness like fibre and energy which probably is worth eating than rice. 🙂

    @ beautytipandtricks: Hey there! I have not hear from you for a while! Hope you are well. 🙂 Frankly, I have been really slow on my diet plan. I always forget to take my breakfast, i.e. the plan did not fall through (yet).

  4. Reese says:

    I am actually doing this diet. I don’t like eating breakfast when I get up, but I can handle a couple of bananas and feel full afterward. I am posting my results daily in by line journal blog.
    Good luck to you. You can do it and will love that shirt again because you will look stunning in it.

  5. Cookie says:

    Wear slimming pant will help to flatten your tummy, hip and thigh but must choose those that is clinically proven one. Don’t choose those garment that is meant for dinner, instantly but not effective.

    Try this product from this website – It really helps to reduce your tummy, hip and thigh permanently. Tummy appear after good food or back from holiday, wear this product for 2 days and get it flat again! Amazing!

    Do note that this garment only work for your Tummy, buttock, hip and thigh, not meant to slim down for full body…

    • bodytreats says:

      Hi cookie! Thanks for that info. Sounds cool.. I have seen lots of such products around.. Seems like a great tool! 🙂

  6. kobe says:

    I think this diet was invented by the folks who import bananas into Japan

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