TCM can alleviate PMS

Recently I revisited a Chinese doctor at Eu Yan Sang, with the hope in curing my chronic PMS problems.

My definition of PMS is “permanent menstruation sufferings”. Imagine feeling extremely bloated and fatigue before the period. Imagine experiencing excruciating cramps, cold sweat, nausea, dizzy spells – did I miss anything else? Oh yes, a 45-day cycle – delayed period means longer pre-menstruation woes.

I have always taken my health for granted – but one thing I am wary about is not to consume pain killers for cramps because that will cause cysts to grow – that will make matter a lot worse.

Hence, I had to talk myself into TCM (again) to cure this problem. The last time I visited the doctor was two and a half years ago. I hated the medicine – the taste was horribly bitter. BUT, it worked. My next period came on the 28th day, there was barely any pain except a wee bit of pain on the first day.

Of course, the story is I got lazy and didn’t go back to consult the doctor. I stopped after that very course of medication that worked, so my cycle went back to a 45-day cycle.

The use of TCM requires a lot of patience, and tolerance of the medication. I have just completed one course yesterday, and I definitely want to be follow-up on this to achieve a regular 28-day cycle with a painless 4-day period!


4 Responses to TCM can alleviate PMS

  1. I’ve always been a big proponent for women using TCM to deal with menstrual problems! Whether it is PMS, irregular periods or heavy flow, TCM is a great health-oriented way of allowing the body to align itself properly. I do not like he idea of pills or hormonal suppressants, but rather, let the body resume normal functions and govern itself.

    TCM takes a lot of time, sometimes even money… but like you said, health is of utmost importance, especially when poor health affects quality and day-to-day life. I am very happy to hear that your body has resumed normal menstrual cycle and pain-free periods! Although I understand the taste of TC medicine, I prefer it as a better alternative than Western Medicine. The great thing about TCM is over time, the medicine will slowly help your body to stay on-track and you can use the medicine less frequently or even completely stop using it once you are “healed” again. However, it is definitely always a good idea to visit the TCM to help “maintain” good health!


  2. bodytreats says:

    Hello Prexus Swyftwynd! Thanks for dropping by. I love your comments and I totally agree with them. Good news – my period didn’t come on the 28th day, but the 35th day, and the pain is very manageable – something I hadn’t experienced for ages! Cheers to TCM!

  3. Hey, longer time before your period is better! Haha… don’t have to get it so often. As long as your body is “regular” it is ok, even if not landing always on the 28th day. After all, bodies are all different and affected by many things. As long as it is normal and healthy, then doesn’t matter. 🙂

  4. j3ntan says:

    Hi! I have the same problems- only the pain is excruciating no matter how many days apart my period starts. I’m glad to see you’ve found some help for this. I think I’ll have to start looking into this TCM also

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