awesome online shopping sites in China

I am loving my new discovery on online shopping sites in China. Nope, it is not taobao that I am talking about.

Taobao is awesome, but I just can’t figure out how to use Zhi Fu Bao (a Chinese version of Paypal) or paying via online banking. And, I can’t get the applets functioning well on my macbook. Maybe it is just me. Oh well. But good news is, I have found 3 other awesome online shopping sites that don’t require payment via external channels – I can pay for my order when I receive the courier. Sweet.

Another cookie point: If you are in China, call the customer service hotline, place your order immediately. Done. No need to register or fill up forms. I hate forms.

If you love canvas shoes, boat shoes (I adore!) or leggings, Vancl is awesome (and it is really really affordable). What’s better? Vancl just started their English site, and they deliver for FREE to some countries in Europe and US. Sweet.

If you love designer pieces, mainly by local Chinese designers, check out Chictalk. I love those jackets. I am definitely adding a few into my shopping cart!

If you love branded clothing but can’t bear to spend your salary, and at the same time don’t mind off-season range, you will love iHush. Pieces are limited though. I haven’t found something I really like yet…

Oh! Credit goes to CNNGO for writing up on these 3 websites. If you want to be in tune with what’s new, what’s in, what’s good (yeah!) in Asia, CNNGO is a great website!


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