Answers to weight-watch, dieting and slimming down

April 1, 2008

A fellow blogger has great answers for some of the most burning questions which most of us are concern about:

1. Which foods should I eat pre-and post-workout?

2. Should I count calories, fat or carbs if I’m watching my weight?

3. What’s the biggest dieting mistake?

4. How can I quickly slim down?

Find your answers here!


Lose weight without dieting

February 23, 2008

I am whiny. I whine about everything. The top whine hit would be “I want to lose weight”.

I usually go on diet (for a few days) and jog more often only if any of the following scenarios happens:

Scenario 1: When I have problem zipping up my jeans

Scenario 2: When my tummy shows under my favourite fitting top

Scenario 3: When my friends comment that I have put on weight

Secnario 4: When I look at my old photos and see how slim I used to be

If you got the drift, I only diet for a few days – it is random and unsystematic. And of course, I don’t see any results. However, Melissa Clark totally save me out of this misery. She tells us how we could eat what we like and still shed some weight.  I would highly recommend her podcast on The Skinny on The Skinny, hosted by Ann Landi on WiredBerries.  I have pulled out some wonderful tips from the podcast.

The Skinny on the SkinnyThe Skinny on the skinny


Tip #1: Eat what you like – go ahead and eat it. If you want that cookie, go for it. Instead of having a rice cake, then yet another rice cake. Yes, I don’t think I will feel satisfied with rice cake too!

Tip #2: Eat it in moderation. If you wish to have a piece of chocolate cake, take a small proportion, cut a slice from the cake.

Okay, I promise I will be good and just stop at one slice.

Tip #3: Eat more fruit and vegetable. When you have your piece of chocolate cake, have some salad on the side!

I think this is easy, I could see this as a balancing rule.

Tip #4: Be in the moment when you are eating. Do you really want to eat the food in front of you? Be in touch with your hunger verses your appetite. Eat only when you are hungry.

This is an issue for me – I am constantly hungry, I think there is a greedy food monster in me.

Tip #5: Hunger or thristy? You may think you are hunger, but you are just thristy. Have a big glass of water/tea with milk and honey will be satisfying enough. It satisfy your hunger, thrist, and it also brings comfort.

Tip #6: Take a moment to look at your food. Savour the food and eat slowly… Besides being able to enjoy the food more, you will eat less because you are eating slower. Melissa said our bodies takes about 20 minutes to realize we are eating something. When you are eating something slowly, you will realized you are full before you finish your food! Do not finish all your food if you are already full.

Well, another issue for me – I hate to waste food so I will usually finish up my food even when I am already full.

Tip #7: Eat from a small plate. People who eat food from a smaller plate will be satisfied too, and tend to eat less, because we are customed to finish all that is served on our plate! Do not use a huge plate and place little cake on it, because (visually) it creates a lot of absence, and you will not feel satisfied after the meal.

I think this one makes a lot of sense and I will start eating on small plates! (I meant plate, what is the point of replacing a huge plate with three small plates!)

Tip #8: Eat like you shop. When people are shopping, you will think about your purchase first, you take your time, and appreciate the purchase, you don’t just grab the boots and pay it without considering it. So, eat like you shop, the next time you see a cupcake, resist from popping it right into your mouth.

Not difficult right?

Alright, I am determined to try the tips out. I will review this post in a month’s time. I am aiming to lose at least 3kg!