Everyone should have a bottle of Vaseline! (Beauty comes as cheap as $1.80)

February 12, 2008

When I first read the Vaseline bottle label I freaked out. It says “100% Pure Petroleum Jelly”. I thought to myself that I am not going to put “petrol” on my face! What a laugh.


Petroleum Jelly is neither petrol nor jelly.  It is a colorless semisolid mixture of hydrocarobons obtained from petroleum and used in lubricants and medicinal ointments.

I bought mine from Mustafa Centre for only $1.80. I also managed to get it from Guardian for $1.95. Well, it is really a cheap beauty solution with many other perks. Read on! 

Here are the great wonders of Vaseline:

1. Want to smell good? Next time, before you put on your perfume, apply a layer of Vaseline onto your skin because scents are retained for a longer time on oily skin!

2. Get Denise Keller’s lashes – She coated her lashes with Vaseline on a daily basis for one year and her lashes grew this long.

Denise Keller 

3. Sleep with Vaseline on – I get dry and flaky patches when I wake up in the morning, especially my nose and lips. I will apply Vaseline to those patches before going to bed, and I will get nice smooth skin the next day.

4. Goodbye, ugly crack heels – It helps heal cracked heels too. Sock-up your feet definitely helps in the absorption too.

Head to the nearest Guardian pharmacy and grab one! )