Get the best out of bananas

February 15, 2008
I always thought bananas could only help prevent constipation because of its high fibre content. However, I was amazed that this fruit is so power-packed with other goodness.
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Here are my top favourite benefits of bananas:

1. Combat ills: Four bananas worth of potassium daily fights an array of ills from osteoporosis, stroke, hypertension, kidney stones to bloating and cramps (good to consume more during the first few days of menstruation).

2. Ditch those energy bars: To get a lasting and caffeine-free energy levels, you no longer need coffee or chocolate bars. Banana is a nature’s snack that contains three natural sugars (sucrose, fructose and glucose) and fibre. Do bite into a banana before you hit the gym for an energy boost!

3. Stress no more: Juice lettuce, pear and banana. *Special tip: For juicing, normal yellow bananas or baby bananas (pisang susa) are the best. Choose the just-ripe ones, because the over-ripe or under-ripe bananas may make the juice taste different.  

4. Get rid of dry skin: Chop two average-sized bananas and add two teaspoons of honey. Mash both together until you get a smooth texture. Apply the mixture over your face and wash it off after ten minutes.

5. Love your bust: I was totally shocked when I read this on the Shape (Singapore) magazine. I would classify this as beauty treatment for the adventurous beauty-seekers. This method helps firm your bust and go against the law of gravity (anti-sagginess). Start off with smashing blackened bananas (very riped bananas) in an old bra and wear it for five to ten minutes a day.

Have a different view of bananas now? Start biting into them!


What can vitamins do for you?

February 13, 2008

I have been taking Vitamin C and Calcium knowing that they prevent flu and helps build my bones, respectively. However, there are so many other supplements out there, and I am all confused! I want to know the most important thing – what can the vitamins do for me, how can it help me?

I have this very useful information that communicates various supplements in the way I like – it lists the problems we may face and then recommend the supplements that could rescue the problem. Check it out!

Rescue to…

1. Troubled Skin: Vitamin A & Essential fatty acids – Vitamin A nourishes skin and fights acne (great beauty help!) EFA helps skin hydration, eczema, psoriasis, etc

2. Stress: B Vitamins – Supporting nerve functions to help with fatigue, appetite, insomnia, headaches etc

3. Wounds and colds: Zinc and Vitamin C – Fight infections and stimulate immunity well together

4. Fatigue, heart failure and cancer: Coenzyme (CoQ10) – Combats free radical damage, improves blood pressure, energy, heart function and may even have cancer-fighting properties

5. Poor memory, fuzzy thinking: Omega-3, Ginko Niloba – Both help to improve memory, while oemga-3 also helps with brain functions.

6. Postnatal depression, premenstrual syndrome: Evening Primose Oil, Omega-3 and 6 – Essential fatty acid (EFA) deficiency is a prime cause of postnatal depression syndrome by making red blodd cells more flexible, boosting metabolism, mood, energy level etc.

I have tried and tested Evening Primose Oil, and I think it works but you need to eat it regularly for at least three months to see some results

7. Dry and dull hair: Vitamin E – Improves circulation and condition of skin and hair The Body Shop has a product range on Vitamin E. I have not tried it before though.

8. Tiredness: Iron – Promotes blood formation and metabolism and increases energy.

9. Brittle hair and nails: Silica – Improves resiliency of teeth, skin, nails and bones!

10. Irritable, lethargic (for the mood swings days): Iodine, Magnesium – Idodine increases energy and metabolism levels. Magnesium supports a healty muscle and nervous system, helping them to relax.

11. High Cholesterol: Vitamin E – Reduces cholesterol’s ability to stick to artery walls, prevents heart disease, clots, stroke. (Remember, prevention is always better than cure!)

12. Aging, stamina loss: Calcium, Selenium – Calcium supports bones, teeth, clotting, muscle, nerve, and heart functions. Selenium is an antioxidant to prevent cell damage.

13. High blood pressure, migraine: Magnesium – For abnormal heartbeat and for the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats to produce energy.