The healthier-unhealthy food – Part 5

April 8, 2008

The food battle on healthier-unhealthy food continues to amuse me. Today, the contestants are berry jam and kaya.


(source: gettyimages)              (Source:

Kaya seems more unhealthy as compared to berry jam. Kaya contains sugar (lots of it), coconut milk and eggs.

However, Simply Her magazine found out that Kaya gives you more protein, less sugar and about the same amount of dietary fibre as jam.  If you really love jam, opt for a fruit conserve, which has a higher vitamin and fruit content, and less sugar.

It is time for teabreak in Singapore, and I am craving for some kaya toast.




The healthier-unhealthy food – Part 4

April 7, 2008

The healthier-unhealthy food battle continues…

For this round, the contestants are tiramisu and brownie.


(source: gettyimages)

Tiramisu is contains mascarpone cheese, while chocolate brownie contains chocolate and butter.

Gram for gram, tiramisu has fewer calories and is lower in fat than a brownie. You may wish to read more about the nutrition facts of tiramisu and brownie.

Tiramisu is “healthier” also because of the added nutritional value from the cheese content – cheese is rich in calcium and phosphorus.

What is your take on this?

I love brownie, so I will just eat it at all cost. (Well, maybe after a gym workout.)


The healthier-unhealthy food – Part 3

April 5, 2008

This is my weakest link – dipping lots of condiment with my fast food.

Whenever I eat McDonald’s, I will have at least three different condiment to go along. I will have curry sauce, chilli sauce and mayonnaise.

(source: stockxpert)

I do know that it is very unhealthy, but here is a consolation. There is another condiment that contains more fat, and that is tartar sauce!

Now, the next two contestants are mayonnaise and tartar sauce.

Tartar sauce is actually mayonnaise blended with finely chopped pickled cucumber, capers, onions (or chives) and fresh parsley. That’s why it has more calories than mayonnaise. Therefore, per tablespoon, mayonnaise has half the fat of tartar sauce.

I feel less guilt when I consume mayonnaise now. Thanks to Simply Her magazine for this great research. 🙂


A fellow blogger, amandaiscooking asked a great question about how would tartar contain more fat when the ingredients do not have fat content. With careful examination, the ingredients do contain calories, to a small contributing amount, I must say.

Here are some links to the nutrition facts of the main ingredients that go into the mayonnaise, which makes it the “unhealthier” tartar sauce:

1. pickled cucumbers
2. onion

The healthier-unhealthy food – Part 2

April 4, 2008

Now, our next food “contestants” would be honey and maple syrup.

honey.jpgmaple-syrup.jpg(source: stockxpert)

The winner is honey, because maple syrup has fewer calories in terms of sugar content while honey has trace amounts of vitamins and minerals. The former is also an excellent source of trace elements like manganese, ribofalvin and zinc.

Once again, the above analysis is provided by Simply Her magazine, March 2008 issue. 🙂

There are many ways you can consumer honey. Mix it into a drink, spread it onto your bread, or add it as a seasoning for chicken. 🙂 Try it!

The healthier-unhealthy food – Part 1

April 3, 2008

I have always thought that french fries is an unhealthy choice of snack, because it is deep-fried. However, if you compare french fries to potato chips, the former may likely give you less calories.

french-fries.jpg potato-chips.jpg (source: stockxpert)

Why is that so?

For the same serving size, french fries contain roughly half the fat and calories, and a bit more fibre, than potato chips. Due to its higher water content, fries also fill you up faster than chips.

Chips are easier to pop into the mouth so there is a high chance you will end up eating more chips than fries, even though the calorie content of the two are comparable.


There are many more such comparisons, such as honey and maple syrup. For the next few days, I will be posting these various comparisons.

These information are found on Simply Her magazine, March 2008 issue. This is a great and useful information which allows us to choose wisely amongst the not-so-healthy food!

Catch me as I roll out these food fight among the unhealthy food!

Pretty Pretty nail service review

March 27, 2008

This is my first beauty service review on manicure and pedicure service in Singapore. I visited Pretty Pretty Makeover Pte Ltd this afternoon.

I first read about Pretty Pretty on Simply Her magazine’s March 2008 issue. The review was positive and I was attempted to try their service. Since I will be attending two weddings this weekend, the occasions call for some nail grooming. 🙂

Last night, I called to make an appointment. I was surprised to hear a man’s voice. He was polite and answered all my queries on prices of various services. He even asked if this would be my first visit, because all first-time customers at Pretty Pretty would enjoy a special rate of $58 for a classic manicure and pedicure package (which is what I am asking for!).

The next morning, I received a call from Pretty Pretty confirming my appointment. Though it is quite impossible for me to forgot about my appointment (since I made it last night), the call was still a good reminder.

The shop is tucked in one corner of Eastpoint Mall (located next to Simei MRT). I took some time to find my way there.

I was warmly welcomed at the entrance by a man – I guess he would be the one who I spoken to last night. He was smartly dressed in business shirt and pants.

I was directed straight into the waiting area which is gorgeously done up with frills-curtains, comfy arm chairs and nice thick carpet (see pictures below). This is a very comfortable waiting area where customers would also wait to dry their nails.


As I sat down, the man asked if I would like some drinks, he asked if I would like Earl Grey tea or water. I love Earl Grey – this service totally delighted me.  

My manicurist was still serving another customer, thus I waited for about 10 minutes while she cleans up and set up new set of tools for my session. Meanwhile, the man topped up my tea for me, and constantly apologise for the wait.

Finally, my seat is ready. Nothing exceptional when she was filing and buffing my nails. However, as usual, when my manicurist, May, applied hand lotion on me, she started promoting products to me. She told me about my uneven skin tone and dry skin problems. Well, good thing is, she does not hard sell at all. I did not even have to decline the offer, I barely did not express any interest, and I think she got the cue.

Finally, I had to choose my nail color. May was very patient with me. I cannot decide, however, she was always patiently giving me recommendations. 

Guess what. Just as she was about to paint my nails, I asked to change into another color! We went through the process again, there was no change in her attiude. I was not being difficult, I just cannot decide, because the colors are all gorgeous.

May was extremely focused when she was applying my nail color. I hate it when my manicurist stop and chat with her fellow colleague. I want to have undivided attention from my manicurists. I mean, they can chat with me, but not gossip around with other colleagues. Anyway, May was so focused and quiet that I could close my eyes and almost fall asleep.

Guess what again. I decided to have get nail art done for my finger nails. Again, May was able to recommend a few designs for me to choose from. I added little pearls to my thumb nails and was delighted that they are so pretty to look at (see photos below). May also shared my joy and was also excited to see that the nail art turns out great.


Finally, my nails makeover is completed. The service is so wonderful that I felt compelled to speak to the man to find out more about the business model. Finally, I can stop calling him “the man” – he is Kelvin, one of the owners.

I am surprised and amazed by their business philosophy. They are very particular about hygiene. They sterilize all tools that are used during the sessions. They do not reuse filer, buffer and toes dividers.  You can even bring them home after the service! Kelvin emphasize that customer’s safety issues in the nail hygiene aspect is their responsibility. Thus, Kelvin believes in providing this additional mileage to all customers.  

There is an additional bonus points for Pretty Pretty. They have three days service warranty for manicure and pedicure – if your nail color chipped, you can visit them for a quick touch up. Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

My overall review and final words:  

Ambience: 4/5 – there was no music playing in the shop – I think some soft relaxing music would be great.

Service: 5/5 – what else can I ask for?

Price: 5/5 – very valuable for money and you receive quality service and high level of hyigene

Quality: 5/5 – I love my nails – very well painted – totally smooth, no bubbles at all.

Hygiene: 5/5 – outstanding, amazing, exceptional – try find me another nail care place that is doing the same

Overall: 5/5 – I highly recommend Pretty Pretty. No doubt (for now, until someone else provides such excellency).

Where can you find Pretty Pretty?

Location: Eastpoint Mall (beside Simei MRT), #03-16B (take the escalator beside KFC)

Contact: 67898180