Lying has health implications

March 19, 2008

We all know that telling one lie would need another 10 lies to cover up. Following that, you will need 100 lies to cover that 10 lies up, and the number of lies just snowball to a huge uncontrollable situation.

Well, you see that there would be a lot of stress during that whole lying process. I will let you understand better, how does lying create a negative impact on your health. Again, I gathered great source of information from CLEO (Singapore) April 2008 issue. I cannot emphasize more again that this issue is very value-for-money!

Say no to lying #1 – do not let others control you

I always feel obliged to please everyone, thus I will always say yes to every invitation or task given, even though I am 100% packed with other tasks on hand. This has been true since young – I have no idea how I adopted this character.

Anyway, the possible solution is to say no to additional burdens so that you will feel less stressful. Well, easier said than done – this takes a little courage. 🙂

Say no to lying #2 – be truthful to your own feelings

Most of the times, I usually hold back my feelings because I wish to have more control over them. However, this form of supressed feelings would accumulate and create a tickling time bomb within yourself.

You should find an outlet to release any negative feelings, such as talking to a close friend, writing a blog, praying to God etc.

Say no to lying #3 – prevent cancer!

I did not know the repercussion can be so serious – people who tend to lie have Type C personality, which are charateristics of many patients with cancer! (What is your DISC personality?)

Release your emotions today! Be truthful to yourself, there is no need to lie or be ashame to understand yourself. Most of all, love yourself.