Danger of wearing high heels

October 30, 2008

This is not a new topic, but many females choose to ignore it.

Two weeks ago, I had to attend a career talk. Being dressed in formal wear, I naturally wore high heels to complete the “look”. I did not feel pain on the day when I was walking on the high heels. However, when I woke up on the next day morning, I had muscle cramp on my butt and thighs. The cramp was extended to my lower back and I felt extremely painful to sit-up straight, thus I had to take bed-rest for the entire day. Frankly, I did not attribute the pain to me wearing high heels the day before – because I did not realize that wearing high heels can be so harmful to my body. It was through my friend’s deliberating questioning that I realized my pain was due to me wearing high heels.

Coincidentally, two months ago, my team worked on a persuasion topic on preventive measures using fear appeals. We worked on the “danger of wearing high heels”. The picture below depicts how our entire body is affected when we wear high heels. (Source: Brenna Maloney, The Washington Post)

The highlight from the research states that our posture is affected because high heels push the centre of mass in the body forward, taking the hips and spine out of alignment. Currently, my spine is already out of alignment, thus wearing high heels would only aggravates the problem. Thus, I should avoid wearing high heels at all cost.

I cannot deny it is hard to avoid wearing heels for certain occassion. I guess we just have to be prudent and make the best choice.

danger of wearing high heels

danger of wearing high heels