best beauty products review

September 27, 2010

If you could read Chinese, Kimiss is a beauty product review website that you should definitely check out!

I was simply looking for translation of a Chinese product, and chanced upon this website. This website is so well organized: by brands, by category (skin, body, lip, eye etc). There is ranking of the best products and the reviews are all clearly classified with star ratings.


How does skin breathe?

March 23, 2008

I cannot believe I have been holding onto the wrong belief for more than 10 years (for as long as I first know what makeup is).

I thought, by not putting on makeup, I am giving my skin a chance to breathe. I always feel that having makeup on my skin would clogs my pores and my skin would be “buried” under a layer of powder (i.e. foundation, blusher, loose powder etc).

However, (listen up!), I am wrong. In CLEO (Singapore) April 2008 issue, this myth is corrected. “The only way oxygen is delivered to the skin cells is from the blood supply,” says Debbie Dickson from Danne Montague-King skincare.

While putting on heavy moisturisers or foundation can hinder absorption, they do not inhibit actual oxygen from nourishing the skin.

Well, this does not indicate that you could start putting on thick makeup from tomorrow on. I must emphasize that proper skincare regime is very important to ensure that your skin is kept clean and hydrated.

Last words: Ladies, please remove your makeup thoroughly before you go to sleep, because the tissues in your skin is undergoing repair and renewal when you are sleeping.