Mascara fact vs. myth

March 21, 2008

I ponder why would one think that by not removing mascara off your lashes would make it thicker.

Once again, bringing you great tips from CLEO (Singapore) April 2008 issue. I make it sound like it is a radio show, didn’t I?

Well, putting on mascara does make your lashes look thicker in the short term.

However, applying layers of mascara without fully removing them would cause your lashes to be brittle and subject to breakage.

What would be worse? Thin lashes or no lashes?

It is obvious – I will go for the former. Thus, it is important to remove your mascara fully. If you face problems removing your mascara, check my post on “How to remove waterproof mascara”.  


Makeup is an art – learn the right strokes

March 2, 2008

Makeup is very much an art to me. It needs inspirations, skills and talents. I am lacking a bit of everything. 

To make things a little more confusing, makeup talks about different strokes for the different type of products like cream-based, powder-based etc.

Here are some great guidelines from SimplyHer magazine – now you can also stroke like how the pro does it!

MAC Perky Look(Source: MAC


Stroke #1: Eyebrows – use soft, feathery strokes and work from the inner brows outwards, drawing in the arch and filling in brows. Use your fingers or eyebrow brush to smoothen the hard edges of the pencil or powder.  Go easy on the inner brows – never apply too much!

Stroke #2: Eyeshadow – using a brush, dad on colour in quick, light strokes, starting from the inner eye corners. To blend the powder across the eye, use long strokes.

Stroke #3: Mascara – for spiral brushes, apply in zig-zag manner (left-to-right motion). For comb-like wands, use an in-to-out brush stroke (start combing from the roots).

Stroke #4: Blusher – for powder blush, use circular strokes on the apples of cheeks, then move towards the ear with short strokes. Aim for a tear-drop shape that tapers off at the ear. For cream blush, dab with fingers in a teardrop shape.

Stroke #5: Concealer – dab onto problem spots, then feather out at the sides with quick, short strokes.

Stroke #6: Foundation – using a sponge, pat outwards towards the hairline. This keeps facial hair flat and helps makeup blend better. Start with the nose area, but don’t run the sponge across your cheeks as this will cause your foundation to streak.

Stroke #7: Lipstick – apply in long strokes, one curve at a time, starting at the centre of the upper lip. Or use a brush for a more precise application and to save on your lipstick.

Stroke #8: Lip liner – draw in the tricky cupid’s bow with short strokes, slowly building up into a line that curves along your natural lip shape.